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About us

Clean, Solid, Unique Bodycare

Hey, fellow bath enthusiasts!

At Butter & Me, we're here to shake up your bath routine with our extraordinary products. Our exciting and innovative bodycare products will transform your bath into a sensory experience you won't forget. We believe in using only the best, safest, and most natural ingredients, following a less-is-more approach with no more than ten ingredients in each product. That means you can enjoy our plant-based goodness without any worries!

And, have you seen our unique and solid shapes? Not only are they cute, but they're also travel-friendly. So, whether you're soaking at home or on the go, Butter & Me has got you covered. Get ready for a bath time adventure with Butter & Me!

Safe for You,

Safe for the Environment

Picture a world where every package gets a second chance to shine!

At Butter & Me, we're not just a bunch of butter enthusiasts—we're also on a mission to save the planet, one bath at a time. Our commitment to zero waste packaging is as solid as our stellar products. We've kicked plastic to the curb and embraced a future without waste. Yep, you heard that right! All of our products are clad in 100% recyclable or biodegradable packaging. No plastic wrappers or wasteful materials here!

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